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Healing The Maiden And Restoring Elderhood – Cornwall

No automatic alt text available.we are holding another of these profound weekends this time in cornwall…so we will be working with the life spiral and map of womanhood to journey back and retrieve the essence of our beginnings of women on this earth…to our maidens…picking up any threads that were lost, dropped or stolen so we can beginning pulling through these threads into our present and then our future elderhood for menopause and beyond.
This is deep work and this weekend can be on its own or the first of a series of weekends as we journey forward.
The cost will be a very reasonable £150 as this will give you tools for your own work…a training in holding the future generations of women and girls.
We have limited space and lots of interest so we are asking for a deposit of £70 to secure your place so the women who are committed can get a place.Concessions are available if you contact us…
For the next 7 generations…..

to place deposit of £70 click here

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Healing the Maiden – Restoring the Elders in Glastonbury
We will gather in circle with the Map of Womanhood at the centre. Journeying together we will begin to heal our maiden years, recovering our maiden and giving her what we needed as young women.
With the help of Soul Retrieval, our Inner Shamanka and the Heart Lodge we will pull through the threads of our medicine and weave a path forward on the Map, bringing consciousness to the thresholds to come and to our Elderhood.
You will go away with tools to navigate this beautiful and profound map for yourself.
Working with our natural Rites of passage becomes a potent tool for transformation.
24th and 25th of November 2018
Cost ; £170
Early bird Price £150 until October 14th

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Honouring our Cauldron of Creation

Image may contain: plant, flower and outdoorIntroductory day exploring self-care practices for womb health and womb wisdom, empowering us as women to take charge of our bodies, our health and well-being.

During this day you will discover and learn core techniques for holistic pelvic health that you can blend into a daily practice.

Samara and Eartha Love will share their blend of ancient Taoist and Mayan medicine teachings; weaving together a contemporary holistic programme of core health practices for women.

WombWise Meditation and Movement
Magical Womb shamanic journey
Magical Womb Healing Ceremony
WombWise Self Care Therapy

October 7th starts 10.30am

The day includes a delicious lunchtime feast!

Investment – £77
Early bird price before 9/9/18 – £66

Book early – Places limited!




Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength.

A  journey of healing, prayer, journeying, drumming and deep truth ……helping us to connect with our authentic selves.


 A circle for women held by Eartha and Rachael Crow

This course will be running again in 2019 and will also soon be available as an online course.

We will journey back on the life spiral to give our selves what we never had; ceremony, celebration and rites of passage…we will journey to heal and recover those lost parts of ourselves that hold us back from living our deep truth, our calling, our natural selves.
Only through healing and reconnecting to ourselves and mother earth can we truly live our hearts calling and hold our future generations in strength.
These workshops will take you through the Nine Passages / Thresholds of Woman, we will touch on many aspects of woman as well as connecting with the Womens Mysteries, rites of passage ceremonies, meditation, journaling, circling, singing, chanting, crafting, touching nature and connecting with our ancestors….

This work prepares the way for those women who want to awaken themselves, hold womens circles, or wish to hold girls consciously through their path to womanhood by holding mother & daughter circles/lodges.

FFI or to book contact Eartha love :
Rachael :

Prior to each session you will be emailed some questions for self enquiry, you may be asked to bring some photographs of yourself , items for ceremony and for the altar. You will be encouraged to journal and map your own passages of womanhood.

We will begin with Birth and Mid Girl.
Starting at the beginning with birth we will journey along the red path of womanhood by exploring our own birth and taking part in a re birthing ceremony.
The threshold of mid girl will be honoured with the sharing of our stories and using shamanic journeying the creating of our inner lodge for her to be held and supported by your inner wisewoman/shamanka. This will lead to a celebration of the awakening of ‘girl – woman’.

 Menarche (first blood) and First Flight (leaving home threshold )
With drum journeying we will work with the inner lodge and our inner shamanka/ wisewoman . We will explore this tender time and honour our ‘girl – woman’ as she reaches ‘woman – becoming’ with mask making and a separating/ death ceremony allowing her to let go and move along the spiral path.

 Womanhood Bloom and Deepening Woman.
We will touch on the power of working with menstrual medicine and look at self care practices as ‘woman becoming’ reaches ‘deepening woman’. Using the teachings of the medicine bundle you will begin the recovery of your soulskin. Using ceremony and storytelling this helps prepare you for menopause and beyond.

 Elder, Stone Crone and Death.
Honouring the wisdom of the stones, we will use shamanic journeying to journey along the timeline to see ourselves as ancestors, helping to see the legacy we will leave behind. This brings clarity on your calling/ medicine / truth. We will work with the deeper teachings of the medicine bundle and create a set of oracles and take part in beautiful death rites ceremony.


Feedback from the 2017 deepening woman

I had connected with Rachael and Eartha previously on one of their Mother and Daughter camps. I experienced the care they gave to celebrating my daughter’s own rise towards womanhood and when the opportunity arose to receive similar nourishment from them myself through a catch up ceremony, I jumped at the chance to do so, knowing I could rely on their capable leadership. On the day, after working on the preparation materials provided by Rachael and Eartha, I was ready to receive exactly what I asked for and they gave and gave. It was definitely emotional and has been subsequently energising. Today I know I have shifted my family’s balance towards a thriving womanhood for future generations. I would recommend an honouring the menarche ceremony for girls or catchup for women to anyone who desires to honour who they are in a safe space, held with sensitive expertise and dedicated vision.

to book contact Eartha Love :
Rachael :


The reclaiming and recovery of our ‘Soulskin’ – Healing The Maiden within

Grand Designs straw bale Eco Home.

Sisters, join me in the beautiful Quiet Earth Retreat for a profound journey working with our Inner Shamanka / Wise-Woman and our Inner heart lodge to recover and heal our Inner Maiden/ teenager and inner girl. We will use techniques of soul retrieval and shamanic journeying to heal our youth and recover our medicine, our Soulskin, our truth. Following the threads of 
our own unique medicine and weaving them into our Soulskin bundle. We can then begin to walk forward on the rest of our path towards mother, menopause or crone with our Soulskin intact. I will give you the tools to carry on this work in your own time, in your own way at home. Recovering and Restoring ourselves back to our natural wild nature. This course will run for a weekend of 15th and 16th setember and the 13th and 14th october .
Accommodation in the stunning Venue is available on request.To see the venue 
Cost is £60 a day, concessions available on request.
The flow of the course available 
here soon!

Please Book asap. I will need to reserve this beautiful venue  as it gets booked up very quickly.

Full price for all 4 days £240

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To book, arrange a concessionary price and to arrange accommodation, please fill in the contact form below

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